The Writer's List

When did you first want to be a writer? 

Were you young? Is that when you fell under the spell of the writing muse? A teacher told you that what you could do with words was different? 

Were you old? A lifetime of running from writing eventually forced you to give up and admit you wanted to do it?

It's not easy to say, "I am a writer." Those four words are surprisingly difficult to utter.

But it is fun. It is exciting. It is magical.

I've been a full time writer for four years and a part time writer for 19. I've written six books, hit the New York Times Bestsellers list a couple times, traveled the world because of words I put down on paper and figured out how to make a profit from my passion without ruining my passion. I've also failed spectacularly and publicly.

I have a lot left to learn but I have discovered a handful of things.

It's time to share a few of those secrets.



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