Sometimes Jon and I do Q&A sessions at events. I don’t love being on stage but the whole thing is pretty painless. One of the questions that people always ask is this:

“We have heard all about Jon’s dreams and passions, but do you have any Jenny?”

This question always makes me laugh because I know people are not going to like my answer.

Folks want me to say, “My passion is baking or sewing or photography.” We all have a definition of what really counts as a passion and often it most be artistic by nature. People essentially think you’re going to respond with something that is found on Pinterest.

But do you know what my passion is?

Raising our kids.

Being a mom.

Taking care of the Acuff house.

That is my definition and I don’t particularly care if other people think those passions “don’t count.”

They count to me.

I refuse to believe that being a mom isn’t a “big enough dream.”

I’m happy. I’m dreaming. I’m living my passion.

Don’t have kids? Not married? Awesome. I don’t think women need to be defined by either of those things. But if I choose to be, don’t think I’m not dreaming just because my dream comes with pacifiers and car seats.

I’m writing a book about being married to a dreamer and dreaming yourself. (Sign up for Jon’s newsletter to hear more about that when the book comes out.)

In the meantime, be careful.

As you chase a dream, make sure it’s with your definition of success, not somebody else’s.

Write your own dictionary.

Jenny Acuff is a mom/wife/awesome lady. You should follow her on twitter: @jennyacuff.