I love skiing. 

Few things make me feel alive like stepping off a ski lift and seeing an entire mountain range waiting. I love how quiet and loud it is at the same exact time. I love bombing steep groomers, navigating powder through the woods and the feeling I have driving away from the resort exhausted from a full day.

Skiing is my favorite thing to do and it’s also a dumb hobby to have in Nashville.

It’s hard to enjoy big mountain skiing when your city is 597 feet about sea level. 

There are buildings in your city taller than Nashville. Last year, Nashville got 6.5 inches of snow. Not in one storm. Not in one weekend. In the entire year. 6.5 inches. 

The good news is that my friend Randy lives in Salt Lake City. He’s about 20 minutes from Snowbird and Alta, two of my favorite mountains. Snowbird is 11,000 feet high. Last year, Snowbird got 700 inches of snow. 

When I visit Randy, we ski every day. If I stayed there for five days, we would hit a mountain five times. What would happen though if I came back to Nashville and held myself to that same goal?

“OK, I know it’s a little more challenging, but with the right attitude, I ski as many times here in middle Tennessee as I do in Salt Lake City! I just have to believe in myself!” If I said those sentences to you, you’d say I was crazy. I couldn’t possibly hold myself to the same exact ski goal because everything was different now that I was in Nashville. 

Snowbird is 11,000 feet. Nashville is 597.

Snowbird gets 700 inches of snow a year. Nashville gets 6.

Randy lives 20 miles from the mountain. I live 1,652 miles away.

The smart thing to do is to admit things have changed and come up with a new goal. Each new situation requires a new goal and we’re all in the middle of that same scenario with the Coronavirus.

One of the greatest frustrations you’ll face working from home today is to hold yourself to the exact same goals you had when you were in an office in January. 

Tell a toddler that you expect to have firm office hours from 8AM-5PM with at least 45 hours of uninterrupted quiet time per week. If you think that’s happening, you are adorable. 

Tell your work out plan that even though the gym is closed and you’re the kind of person that needs a class setting to get the most out of your work out that you expect to burn the same exact calories this week. 

Tell your client in the restaurant industry that you really need to hit your sales numbers even though they don’t have any revenue coming in this month.

Things are different right now. 

Not everything. 

Not forever.

But some things are different and one of the most encouraging things you can do is to get creative with your goals. New challenges require new goals. New conditions require new goals. New opportunities require new goals. 

I think something amazing can come out of this season. I really do. 

The first step to get there is to adjust your old goals and come up with some brand new ones. 

We’re not in Salt Lake City anymore. 

We’re in Nashville. 

The skiing isn’t so great, but the music is amazing. 

Let’s change our goals so we can appreciate what we’ve got in this season. 


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