In the 1800s, sailors would stamp unexplored, dangerous territories with the phrase, “Here be dragons.” It was meant to serve as a warning that if you ventured this far, you ran the risk of great peril. If you sailed off into the distance, a fire-breathing, sea-dwelling monster was sure to swallow you up.

Here be dragons.”

It was a phrase used to warn people about the dangers of the unknown, but it was only used for the farthest reaching, most deadly spots. It was a stamp used sparingly, kept in a drawer for only the rarest of occasions.

The problem is that 2020 has given us all new stamps.

Fear is running rampant. Social media is out of control. Anxiety is through the roof.

So many of us have stamped, “Here be dragons” on so many parts of our maps that it feels like there’s little room left to hope.

What do you next?

Watch this the next time 2020 tries to tell you to be afraid of tomorrow.


P.S. There are always less dragons than you think.