The economy will never be perfect enough for you to be brave. If you were waiting for that to happen, go ahead and cross that off the list of “Reasons you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.” Hopefully that list is getting shorter, because your days...

I once worked at a company that started serving dinner in the corporate cafeteria. They announced it under the guise of convenience. “Now you can have dinner options you can bring home to your family!” Despite the upbeat email, everyone at the company knew this was a terrible sign. Let’s be honest, what family wants you to bring home a styrofoam container of office cafeteria spaghetti and sadness? Have you ever eaten lunch in a corporate cafeteria (that wasn’t Facebook or Google) and thought, “I wish I could have this for dinner, too! You know who would love eating this? My family!”

Very few people came to the funeral. It was a quiet ceremony without a lot of fan fare. No one spoke at the service because we were all so glad to see it go. Death is never easy but in this case it was, for the funeral was not for a person, but rather a phrase.

I live tweeted the Golden Globes last weekend or last year depending on when you're reading this. (If you're reading from the future, I sure hope we have hover boards.) If you missed it, I think the most popular, deep insight I had about the Golden Globes was this tweet: "I'm going to carry a diamond studded cane but not use it." - Prince. "Why?" - Everyone at #GoldenGlobes "Because I'm Prince." - Prince Changing lives people, I'm changing lives. I definitely gained some new followers, who will be promptly disappointed the next day when I don't continue wry commentary on who wore which gown best, but I also lost a lot.

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