A few weeks ago, I paid $1,000 for a URL.

Why did I do that?

Two reasons: 1. I’ve tried to buy this URL for 6 years and couldn’t. 2. Because dreams cost more than just time. Sometimes (almost every time actually) you have to spend money to chase a dream. Not at first, at first dreams only cost hustle. But eventually you have to invest.

You pay for a class.

You buy art supplies.

You file a permit.

You hire a coach.

You attend a conference.

All of those things cost money, but sometimes we don’t look at the price the right way. We think, “$500 for a writing class. That’s not worth it!” But that’s backwards. The question isn’t just, “Is the class worth $500?” The question is “Is my dream worth $500?”

Maybe it’s not. There will be times when you’ve got a passion that isn’t worth giving up a cup of coffee a week for a year. Maybe your break point is $250 and the cost will force you to quit some dreams you don’t need to waste your time or money on. In other cases, like mine, investing $1,000 on a URL I might use for 10 years is worth the investment.

Would I pay 27 cents a day to have that URL for 10 years? Would I pay a quarter and two pennies a day to have that URL? I would, so I bought it. Was that a lot of money for Jenny and I at a time when things are honestly pretty chaotic? It was.

So why did I buy the URL? Because my dream is worth more than $1,000.

Am I encouraging you to go into debt? Of course not.

This isn’t about debt. This is about decisions.

I think your dream is incredibly valuable. I think you should be smart and deliberate about what you invest in.

Now if I was smart, I would have something to sell you here, but I don’t. Just don’t go bonkers when someone else offers you some sort of way to invest in your dream. That purse, that fishing rod, that flat screen TV that you buy instead might bring momentary happiness, but chances are, they’re not worth nearly as much as your dream.

When was the last time you financially invested in your dream?