I have three big goals for your event.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve had the honor to help hundreds of companies, teams and events around the world. During that time, I’ve developed three big goals.

1 I want to slingshot your audience into the best year they’ve ever had.

Whether I’m opening, closing or somewhere in the middle of the event, I want to launch everyone out of that room with actionable, memorable things they can apply to their work immediately.

2 I want the sound team engaged and laughing.

The sound team has heard it ALL. If I can make them laugh and learn along the way, the audience is going to absolutely love the keynote. (Bonus points if the food service staff pauses while delivering chicken to listen.)

3 I want you to get text messages during the keynote.

My favorite sentence to hear from you after I speak is, “Jon my phone was blowing up during your keynote!” I’m there to make you look like a rockstar, not me.  If your boss texts you during my speech and compliments you on how well the event is going, then I know I’ve done my job.

Whether it’s virtual or live, 10,000 people in an arena or 15 sales team members in a conference room, I’d love to help you with your next event.

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Brands I’ve Helped

"I told Jon after, 'I never looked at you once during your presentation because I was so engaged taking notes from the content.'"

Greg Sankey, Commissioner – SEC

"Jon Acuff was brilliant and engaging. In our survey, 100% of employees agreed it was a valuable use of their time which was more than any speaker we had that week."

Erin Hartje – Microsoft

"Over the past 10 years Jon has presented to our groups on 7 occasions and has been our highest rated presenter each time. "

Ron Kitchens – Southwest Michigan First

"You can tell Jon has spent years on camera because he brought the same energy, enthusiasm and presence to the virtual event as he would a live event. If you have a virtual event on your calendar, make sure you add Jon Acuff to the lineup!"

Genevieve Parent Team Leader – Events – Desjardin


Over the years, Jon has encouraged and equipped more than 500,000 people at events across the country. Whether you’re a business, conference, college, or non-profit, Jon would love to see if there’s a way to help amplify the great work you’re doing.

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