Have you ever bombed a speech?


I was speaking to 1,500 teenagers. They’re a difficult crowd for a few reasons. One, they won’t give you courtesy laughs. Adults will. Adults want you to do well or otherwise it’s awkward. We don’t like seeing people fail. Teens already feel awkward so if you want to as well, feel free. 

Second, teenagers will fall asleep during your speech. Adults feel shame when they do and will often pretend they were just deep in thought when they shudder awake. A teen will lay flat out on three seats and get a few good winks in. But teenagers will also be more honest as an audience a lot faster than adults will so they’re often the best crowd you’ll ever meet. 

I bombed. 

The room was dead. I walked off stage defeated. Two comedians witnessed the whole thing and asked if I wanted to know a secret. They knew how to fix my problem. I asked for their secret and they told me. Two hours later I spoke to the same audience and they loved it. 

People fear public speaking more than death, but they don’t need to. 

There are simple things you can do to make it fun. There are some simple things you can do to make it successful. There are some simple things you can do to absolutely kill your next speech. 

You might never be a professional speaker, but if you want a raise at work, you better know how to run a meeting confidently. You better know how to communicate an idea to your boss or your team. 

I’ve been traveling the world for eight years picking up secrets about public speaking. 

Can it be enjoyable? Yes. 

Can you learn how to be funnier? Yes. 

Can you make a million dollars speaking? Also, yes. 

Once a week, I’ll send you one of the secrets that’s helped me get better at speaking. That’s all the Speaker’s List is, a secret it took me years to learn that you can discover in a matter of minutes. 

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