How to read 100 books in a year.

An entrepreneur online said that he had a secret to reading a book a day. That sounded amazing. 

I eagerly clicked on his link. Know what the secret was? 

“Skim books instead of reading them.” 


That’s like saying, “Want to know my secret to losing weight? Never eat!” 

Reading books is one of the fastest, easiest, cheapest ways to improve your life. Despite knowing that, I’ve only finished 10% of all the books I own. For years and years, I’ve bought more books than I’ve possibly read.  

In 2016, I read maybe 10 books cover to cover.  

In 2017, I read 145, or almost three books a week. 

I read every single word and didn't skim once.

What changed? 

I spent the last two years researching the best ways to finish goals. I wanted to know why 90% of Americans want to write a book but less than 1% do. I wanted to know why diets are hard to stick to. I wanted to know why people with business dreams don’t start them.  

I commissioned a study with a researcher from a local university. We studied nearly 900 people who worked on goals for six months. The results were surprising and became the heart of my new book, “Finish.”  

A lot of what we know about goals is wrong.  

I decided to put the principles that emerged from the research to the test. Could I use what I learned to read more than 100 books in a year? Could I read 10 times the normal amount of books I usually read in a year? 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know it worked. Check out #AcuffReadsBooks to see what happened this year.  

I put together a free resource called, “How to read 100 books in a year.” It’s time to share how fun finishing a book can actually be. Sign up below and I'll send you the ideas in PDF and video format!  

Why does finishing a book matter? Because it teaches you how to finish other things. You’d be amazed at the domino effect that finishing a book can cause in your life. Finishing books shouldn’t make it easier to lose weight or save money, but it does.  

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