(This is a guest post from Casey Lewis. He is awesome and regularly contributes to this site!)

Last week we found out that The Lego Movie did not get an Oscar nomination for best animated movie in 2014.

Now I personally haven’t seen this movie yet. My 6 year old has, but I just didn’t make it to theaters for this one.

As the news broke about this film not getting a nomination, the internet went crazy. Apparently this is a pretty good movie and director Philip Lord was snubbed.

While it’s hard to know what exactly happened here, I love Philip Lord’s reaction.


He just simply replied with something awesome. “It’s okay. Made my own!”

Not everyone is going to love what you create. Not every person is going to understand your dream.

But that’s okay. There’s an audience out there that loves you. There are people waiting to see what you’ll do next. You have a fan club somewhere that enjoys the things you do.

There will be critics and haters that come along and not give you the credit you probably deserve. And the people that love you will wonder how you’ll respond.

You could be defensive. You could get upset. Or you could create something awesome that they’ll love.

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