One of the voices of doubt I hear whenever I sit down to work is this:

“You don’t have enough time.”

Sometimes, that morphs into, “It’s too late.” Or, “You’re too busy to get anything done.”

Occasionally it even transforms into, “By now you should have been further than you are.”

These are classic time doubts and something I’ve wrestled with for years.

How do I deal with them?

One way is with my calendar.

Whenever doubt tells me I’m out of time, I turn to my massive wall calendar and say, “That’s not true. Look how much week or month or even year I have left. There’s a ton of white space that I get to fill up. I’m not out of time.”

Doubt is a liar and hates when we know the truth. It’s why I don’t just use Google Calendar. I need a huge reminder on my wall of how much time I really have to work on the things I care about the most.

I love the calendar for a lot of other reasons. It’s dry erase, it’s beautifully designed, the weeks are organized Monday – Sunday instead of Sunday – Saturday and it’s a great catch all for all the things I’m working on.

But the real reason I’ve used it for 8 years is that it reminds me of the truth.

I have more time than doubt wants me to believe.

And so do you.

P.S. Click here if you want to get a calendar.