I’m not sure when my hearing problem started but here’s what it looks like:

When someone says, “I doubt you can do that,” I hear, “I dare you to do that.”

When someone says, “You’re not qualified to do that,” I hear, “I dare you to work hard and get qualified.”

When someone says, “That will never work,” I hear, “I dare you to try.”

When someone says, “You suck,” I hear, “You’re the worst person ever, you should never write again, you should over analyze everything you do and get frozen by obsessing over one negative comment from one stranger who has never met you, talked to you on the phone or texted with you.”

That last one is still a work in progress. I’ve got reasons I see a counselor. Reasons with an S!

But I fear my hearing problem is getting worse because it’s getting harder and harder to worry about what other people think.

When people told me book tours don’t work, I tried anyway and 3,000 people are daring to build careers they enjoy with me this fall. (Here’s how to get your free ticket.)

Do you have that same hearing problem, too?