When I found out there were little kids making millions of dollars on YouTube opening boxes of toys, I immediately grounded my own kids.

I just didn’t realize how lazy they were being, you know?

Trust me, I know my kids. They have arms and hands and are capable of opening boxes. Just the other day I saw my oldest kid open a box of granola bars. For free. She just ripped it open, no cameras, no sponsors, no ad dollars. I was so disappointed.

YouTube is a weird world to me, but I am curious, can you make a living on YouTube?

That’s a question I’ve been exploring lately.

When the public speaking part of my business was put on pause, I did two things:

  1. I started doing virtual events with clients.
  2. I started exploring other opportunities.

YouTube is one of them.

I’ve been making a ton of videos and thought it might be fun to show you exactly how much money I made in 30 days.

Spoiler alert: The hourly rate I’ve made is going to surprise you.

If the pandemic is forcing you to pivot or you’re just curious how much money is out there on YouTube, don’t miss this one.

Click here to watch the video.


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