I sat in a circle one cold Wednesday morning. Thistle Farms, an organization that has helped women escape from the bonds of trafficking, prostitution and addiction, invites volunteers to sit in this circle once a week.

Inside, the women who work at Thistle Farms and are going through the two-year residential program share what they are grateful for that week and challenge you to do the same.

I’ll never forget when one woman said, “Last night, when the temperature hit freezing, I was thankful I had blankets and a place to sleep inside. I always think about the women who are still out in the cold on nights like that.”

And then we lit a candle to light the way home for that woman.

Today, you might not be in the circle, but you’ve got the same opportunity.

My goal this month is to help sell 1,000 candles which will mean employment for six more women at Thistle Farms. (Check out this short video Ty and I filmed about the campaign!)

That’s a lot of candles but I think we can do it.

The concept is simple, more candles = more light = more women finding their way home.

Thistle Farms’ hand poured soy candles burn with the promise that Love Heals Every Body. Blended with pure essential oils, and handcrafted by women survivors, each candle sold helps to provide sanctuary, healing, and employment for women. (They’re such high quality candles that Whole Foods carries Thistle Farms products!)

If you need a gift idea for someone, need a great candle for your own home, or just want to do something kind for a stranger, buy a candle today.

You will even save 10% on your order when you use the code ACUFF18 at check out!

Thanks in advance for being part of this adventure with me. There are a lot of women in Nashville and at the 50 other sister homes around the country who will sleep inside tonight instead of under highway passes because you cared. You gave them the chance to stand on new ground.

Buy one here and be sure to use code ACUFF18 at checkout!


P.S. Last year, we exceeded our goal of selling 500 candles within days of announcing the campaign. This year, we’re stepping it up! Click here to be a part!