The Health List

I’m probably not going to help you get swole. 

Isn’t that what the kids are saying? 

Swole. Ripped. Muscular. Something of that sort. 

That’s not my goal with the Health List. 

I’m probably never going to write a book about staying in shape and eating better. But, I do have a few ideas. I ran 100 miles one month because I figured out something about exercise. I learned how to cut out some foods that were troubling to me by doing a few simple things. I also discovered that if I have a community, I do better. 

So, what if, I wrote chapters and just emailed them out each week? For free. 

What if you, me and thousands of other people could encourage each other with our goals? 

That’s the Health List. 

Helpful, often humorous, weekly ideas about staying in shape, eating better and why kale tastes like wet sadness. 

If you want to read this weekly book I’m giving away for free, sign up. 


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