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Warning! Don't Set a New Year's Resolution Without Reading This First.

Finally! The Step-by-Step Process for Achieving Your Goals.  

Every year, 92% of people who set New Year’s resolutions don’t complete them.

They leave the book they’ve always dreamed about writing unwritten. They leave the business they’ve been thinking about for years unstarted. They don't learn the new skill, they don't run the race, they don't make that career change, and those post-December pounds stay firmly in place.  

There’s a second group of people: the 8%. The people who actually finish their goals—the people that make the 92% look bad. They’re the ones getting calls from publishers about their next book. They’re the ones with calendars so full they have to turn down high-paying speaking engagements. They’re the ones eating queso guilt-free because they crushed their weight-loss goal this year. They’re the finishers. 

What’s the difference between those two groups of people? What makes the 8% finish when 92% don’t? Do they have higher IQs? Do they #hustle #harder? I wanted to find out… Because I wanted to be one of them.  

Why #Hustling Harder Won’t Work

I wanted to know the actual science behind goal setting. So I hired a PhD who does clinical research for a living. We observed almost 900 people over a 6 month period as they worked on goals. And what we found may surprise you. It certainly surprised me. The people who finished their goals didn’t necessarily work more hours. They didn’t necessarily have higher GPAs or more degrees. They didn’t necessarily use #hustle on twitter every other tweet. What they did have in common was a series of strategies and attitudes—plus a couple sneaky tricks. And by examining nearly 900 people with almost 900 different goals, we were able to find the key steps people who finished took in order to crush their goals.  

The Sure-Fire, Step-by-Step Guide to Crushing Your Goals Without #Hustling Harder or Burning Out in a Month  

The truth is, most people don’t have New Year’s resolutions. They have January resolutions. They quit after a month. And you know what, we can do better. I want better for you. So I designed a course to split the difference: a 90-day intensive set of coaching, insight, and training that will change the way you approach your work, life, writing, health, or even parenting. This isn’t a course from me on the nuts and bolts of writing a book. It’s not my secret email templates I use to book speaking events. It doesn’t even include my world class queso recipe. It’s a sure-fire, metrics driven set of steps that will lay out the key actions you need to take to crush your goals in 2018.  

Here's what people are saying...

"What I love most about Jon's course was the unexpected things that happened because of it. I absolutely expected my business to grow, and it did, but I also found a new confidence in myself that positively impacted my life in ways I didn't expect." Rachel Mayo, Owner of Rachel Bee Designs

"There is no price tag on the value of being in one of Jon's courses. The community alone was worth its weight in gold, propelling me further than I thought possible and opening up an infinite amount of resources to me. The direct contact with Jon was also amazing, as his frequent live videos were so useful and full of great content." David Mike, author of Dishonor: One Soldier's Journey from Desertion to Redemption

"Less than a year ago I began working for myself from my home...I'll continue participating in Jon's courses every time they are offered because of how engaging the content is and how effective it is in helping me grow my business."  

Rick Theule

Introducing... The Finish Course.

The Finish course is a brand new, comprehensive 90-day course about completing and CRUSHING your lifelong goals.

It’s the culmination of years of research and life experience in the actual, simplified steps to accomplishing your goals year after year. More than just an informational download, the Finish Course is a 90-day intensive designed to help you actually finish your goals—this year.  

That’s right. A whole course about finishing your goals. Goals like:  

  • Losing weight and getting into the kind of shape you’ve always wanted
  • Finishing your first (or latest) book (with less stress than you thought possible)
  • Building your speaking portfolio & calendar from a bi-annual hobby to a full time job
  • Finally starting and sustaining your new company (whether it’s a side hustle or the next big startup)
  • Building better relationships with your spouse and kids (no matter how busy work gets)  

The Finish Course starts on January 1st!

How It Works

The Finish course is a set of 30 brand new videos delivered directly to you over the course of 90 days, with a corresponding all new 100 page workbook. Why 30 videos in 90 days? So you have 3 days to work through the content and action items for each video. Sorry, but there is no magic bullet that can make you complete your goals. So unless your name is Keanu Reeves and your goal is to learn kung-fu, you’ll have to sweat it out with the rest of us mortals.  

That’s why we’ve designed the course to walk you through the first 90 days of finishing your goal, with encouragement from me and your peers along the way. And because every situation is unique, there’s the option to join me for live Q&A sessions.  

Each of those 30 lessons has a corresponding lesson plan and action items. Think of it like getting a coaching session every three days. Just you, me, and your goals, courtesy of the internet. Each video will cover a different relevant strategy or tip, like:  

  • Why most goals fail after the first week (and how you can avoid it)
  • How to get 10x as much done by cutting your goals in half
  • When it’s okay (or even a good idea) to fail at something
  • How to get rid of pretentious, stuffy goals
  • The secret rules controlling your success (and how to turn the tables on them)

I’ve got so much planned for this course that I can’t wait to tell you about… But first…  

We Need to Talk...

Those are ominous words. But we need to have serious conversation.  

Be real with me. How many times have you set the same resolution for yourself? How many times have you said you’ll finally turn your lifestyle around? How many times have you drawn out that business plan? Once? Twice? Five times? 10 times? Or have you gotten so afraid, so burned out on failing year after year, time after time that you’ve told yourself you’ll never finish? This is just how things are, this is how your life is going to be?

The simple truth is, you’re running out of time.  

Your idea for the next great app isn’t going to be great forever. Your book concept won’t be relevant forever. And your kids may have grown up and moved out by the time you finally get serious about developing a relationship with them.  

It’s never too late to start something new. But there’s only so many years you can keep pushing this off. Over time, opportunity dries up. 

81% of Americans want to write a book. Less than 1% do. We’re missing 250,000,000 books every year—books that could change the world.  

Because your goals aren’t just about you. They’re about your family. Your friends. Friends and family who need you to become the person you could be. To become financially stable with your business, to share your critical idea or story through your book, or even to just become more emotionally available to your kids and spouse.  

How many times are you going to try the same old broken system and get the same old broken result?  

Quit #Hustling. Start Finishing.

This is it. Your opportunity to break the cycle of failed goals and finish something epic.  

But just like your goals, opportunity to register for this course isn’t open forever.  

I want to work with a finalized cohort of people who are truly invested in finishing their goals. I want us to start together and, most importantly, finish together.  

I want to celebrate with you as you launch your business. As you finish the first draft of your work. When you crush your weight loss goal by a mile.  

It’s going to be epic. And you’re invited.  

The Finish Course starts January 1st, you're not going to want to miss it.  

Don’t wait. Register now.  

Join the Finish Course

3 Pricing Options for Everyone

I want to see you finish your goals, so I’m packaging together all my research, insight, and training into three tiers so you can choose the option that is right for you.


One-On-One with Jon Acuff Level (Everything in the Content and Coaching Levels plus the following).  

  • Two 30-minute, one-on-one coaching calls with Jon Acuff  
  • Private Facebook mastermind group moderated by Jon and team  
  • Weekly, scheduled Ask-Me-Anything Facebook Live sessions for 90 days  
  • All-access Q&A webinar  
  • Free copy of the massive, beautifully designed Finish calendar (ships to U.S. only)  
  • More surprises than we can possibly include here!  

COACHING ACCESS (most popular) 

COACHING Level (Everything in the Content Level plus the following)  

  • Private Facebook Group with hundreds of Finishers  
  • Three 1-hour coaching webinars with Jon 
  • Access to a private Periscope account for direct inspiration and motivation from Jon 
  • Text messages from Jon to keep you keep you accountable in accomplishing your goals  
  • Free copy of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, “Finish.” (ships to U.S. only)  
  • "Make it through the middle" webinar  


  • Brand new, 100 page PDF workbook with dozens of activities.  
  • 30 new videos with tips and tricks from Jon  
  • PDF checklist to track progress as you go through the course.  
  • 30 emails with bonus content to keep you on track to finish your goal  

100% Awesome. ZERO Risk. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

We have a 100%, 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. I know you'll love the course and what you'll get out of it, but if you don't, you'll get a full refund!

About Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller, Finish: Give yourself the gift of done. For over 20 years he’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets. In addition, Jon is also a big proponent of social media with blogs that have been read by 4 million people and almost 300,000 twitter followers. In 2010 he used his influence with his tribe to build two kindergartens in Vietnam. Jon lives with his wife Jenny and two daughters in Franklin, TN.

The Finish Course starts on January 1st!

My business coach asked me a question at the beginning of our relationship. It was a simple question, but the ramifications were powerful. He asked:  

“Do you need to pay for my services in order to get the most out of them?”  

That’s an interesting question because in some ways, it’s counterintuitive.  

Wouldn’t getting a free business coach be better than paying for one? Wouldn’t I be motivated by all the money I saved and all the ways I could invest that money?  

Isn’t free better than expensive?  

Sometimes it is, like when it comes to cheese. I am all about free cheese. I have never turned down free cheese. But the truth is, I need to pay my business coach.  

He runs a financial company and likes coaching guys like me on the side. He does it for fun and normally doesn’t charge. But, he knows that often, unless you pay for something, you won’t get the most out of it.  

So, at the end of the year, I will donate some money to his favorite charity. I will, in essence, pay. That’s called “having skin in the game.” If you haven’t invested your money, you won’t invest your hustle.  

The first online video course I created was that way for me. I filmed it myself. I marketed it myself. I had two friends help me with it, but overall, it was an incredibly homemade endeavor. That was fine for then, but two years later, I knew I needed to go all in.  

I knew that in order to improve the quality and more than that, amplify my level of investment, I needed to up my game.  

That’s why I invested $50,000 into the brand new Finish Course.  

Let’s be clear, that’s $50,000 worth of real money. I’m not adding the cost of my time to create a big, shiny number.  

I flew up a videographer to Nashville and had all 30 videos professionally shot and edited. I booked an amazing location for the shoot. I paid a designer to create the 35,000-word workbook. I hired a marketing agency to help me launch it. I paid two staff members to focus on it almost exclusively for six weeks. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Facebook ads.

It was a lot of money, but certainly not spent frivolously. We actually cut 50% off the initial costs that most of the people we tried to hire suggested. The queso we ate at the video shoot wasn't made of gold. 

How do I know it worked?  

Because right now, I have the name of each and every one of the people who have already signed up for this January 2018 course in my notebook.  

I know Paula. I know Nicholas. I know Diane. I know Neely.  

I’m going to know each and every person by the end of this course. Why?  

Because I’ve got skin in the game.  

I amplified my investment, so you better believe I’m going to do everything I can to make sure all those people win.  

If you’re in the Coaching or One-on-One level you better expect to hear from me often. You’ll get tired of how many times we interact. You’ll think I’m relentless over those 90 days, because I’m going to do everything I can to help you knock out your goals.  

And of course, if you don’t love it and let me know within 30 days, I’ll give you all your money back. There’s absolutely no risk.  

But, if you sign up, please know that your name is going in my notebook and we’ve got some work to do!  

Sign up today.  

- Jon