Empty 1

Above is the first book I read for the #EmptyShelf Challenge. (Read here to join us on this fun challenge!)

Below is the format I plan to do this year for each book I read.

Title: Yes You Can! Behind the Hype and Hustle of the Motivation Biz

Author: Jonathan Black

What’s it about: The former editor of GQ takes a hard look at the truth and fiction of motivational speakers.

Why did I read it: Some of what I do for a living is motivational speaking. If you only read books that praise your industry you get soft and lazy. I like to know what the critics are saying sometimes to make sure I don’t end up full of hot air.

Favorite idea: That our focus as Americans shifted after 9/11. Prior, motivational speakers were all about how to be successful, make money, build empires, etc. Now, the message is more about meaning, purpose and doing things that matter.

Where can you buy it? Right here.