Recently, I had to get new business cards. Other than my name, all of my information on my old cards was no longer valid.

There are a thousand different business card designs. I used to have moo cards, which are awesome. I’ve done traditional cards a few dozen times, mostly for businesses I started that never happened. Before URLs existed, getting a business card used to be the first thing I did with each new idea. I’ve tried just about anything.

I was close to getting a boring card this go round, but Jenny reminded me, “We don’t do boring.”

So instead, we came up with this card:


Someone on Pinterest had a similar design.

Then my friend Mike Foster came out of designer retirement and did one last business card. We’ve been good friends for 5 years and his favor meant a lot to me. (He immediately quit again after making these so he could focus on his amazing organization People of the Second Chance.)

The result is a 3 x 5, letter pressed, super thick, super awesome library card.

It’s the size of an iPhone and there are a few lines for me to add new books.

I can write my number on it if someone needs it or even longer notes on the back.

And above all, it won’t be thrown away by whoever I give it to.

Why? Because it isn’t boring.

Boring is temporary.

Boring has a short shelf life.

Boring dies a quick death.


Awesome kicks around for a long time. (And maybe even becomes a bookmark!)

Today you will have countless chances to be boring.


Choose awesome.

What’s a decision you’ve recently made that wasn’t boring?