I had no idea how hard it was to be a small business owner until I started one.

For 15 years I was part of some amazing companies.

All along I thought I had a sense of what small business really meant. If you had asked me what it was like to run a small business I would have been more than happy to tell you my many thoughts on the subject.

I was wrong.

Seven months ago, when I decided to do my own thing, I entered the world of small business.

It’s an overwhelming experience. Equal parts amazing and equal parts terrifying.

It’s so new to me that I’m not sure I can even express it correctly. But there are two things I learned immediately:

1. If you want to be humbled on a regular basis, become an entrepreneur.
2. I need help.

The first item is just a reality. If you think you know a lot and want to have your ego deflated a little, start a small business. It’s a wonderful/humbling experience to say the least.

The second item is something I’m working on as we speak. The first team I partnered with is Infusionsoft. They’re small business geniuses and I just got to spend a few days with 3,000 other small businesses they’ve helped. Their whole mission is to help entrepreneurs like me get organized (Jenny almost cried at that one given how disorganized I am), grow sales and save time. If that’s something you need help with too, I highly recommend you use them. (In addition to personally using them for things like the management of the 30 Days of Hustle, I decided to endorse them and add them as a sponsor of this site. That’s how big a fan I am.)

That’s one way I’m going to get help, but this adventure is just beginning.

To all my fellow entrepreneurs out there, please except my apology and my comradery. To the small business in all of us!


p.s. What’s a tool, trick, service or idea that’s helped you with your small business?