A few weeks ago, a friend of mine met with a social media agency. During his conversation with them they told him he was tweeting too much. They told him he needed to tweet a certain type of tweets more often and some others much less. They gave him a bunch of what they called the “Twitter rules.”


Sometimes people tell me, "I don't have enough money to chase a dream." They feel that there's a certain amount of money they need before they can begin some sort of endeavor. And so they wait. Until this magical amount of money is acquired. The problem is, you don't need "enough money" to begin working on a dream.

We all have an innate desire to change the world around us. To make our mark in this space called time. To leave a legacy others will be inspired by. But as we get sucked into the abyss called life, we become dull. We are comfortable with normal and satisfied with ordinary. We are sleepwalking through a life that was meant to be lived wide awake. We assume someone else somewhere else will take care of the dreaming. Someone else will start the business. Someone else will write the book. Someone else will run the marathon.

Garth Brooks is a marketing genius. I don’t care if you hate his music, the guy is brilliant when it comes to performing. (I know the Chris Gaines thing didn't work, but we always act like Beyonce didn't try the exact same thing with her "Sasha Fierce.") If you want to be a public speaker or ever engage an audience in anyway, you should watch a DVD of one of his concerts. Here’s 3 things I learned from Garth when I saw him in concert.

Today, someone awesome tweeted me a free coffee! Yay, coffee! Better than that, free Starbucks coffee! I went to the page, which was through the program Starbucks came up with called @tweetacoffee. Seemed like an awesome idea, until I read the requirements. Here is what I saw:

For decades, I wrote a lot of “almost books.” I wrote thousands of words, dozens of chapters and even got one illustrated by an amazing artist. And nothing ever happened with them. Why?

Dear L.E. and McRae, You don’t read my blog. That’s OK, you’re only 10 and 7. You’d find it pretty boring. Someday you will though. Someday you’ll do some sort of hologram search on Google and read this is. So though I will certainly write you words on paper, it struck me that in 13 years of writing online, I’d never left a letter for you in the one place it might actually survive. (Last Thursday's post was about you too.)

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