For decades, we’ve heard the old adage that “You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.” The statement means that you don’t sell the actual thing, you sell the experience. You sell the visceral, the emotion, the adjective and powerful visual. I think that idea still works in some situations but comedian Chris Rock once shared a different approach.

This is Jim. Jim is a homeless veteran. He's about to have a second chance. Does changing the outside change the inside? No, that's why Jim did more than just change the way he looks with an organization that helps the homeless. Next time you're tempted to look at...

Your best stories, the ones you will tell around the campfire for years. The stories that will shape and define who you are. The ones you will point back to as defining moments, they have a secret. Want to know it?

One of the most universal fears is, "if people really knew me, they would abandon me," The fear is that if people really knew how shallow, broken, not perfect and messed up you were, they wouldn't love you. And so from this fear, secrets are born. We hide the truth about who we are. We hide the truth about what we care about. We hide the truth about how we feel. We keep secrets. But here's the truth:

I never had haters when I was losing. Why? Because haters only bother you when you're winning. Haters don't write vicious 1 star reviews on books you don't finish. Haters don't leave vile comments on blogs you don't launch. Haters don't respond to tweets you don't send. But, dare you to...

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