speaking Most people, dare I say 99% of them, ignore one part of their public speeches. Though it's a critical part, they overlook it. In fact, I guarantee that if you went to a conference last week or church last Sunday, you saw a speaker do exactly what I am talking about today. What is it? What do most people ignore?

Hands full of old bitterness are too full to hold new opportunities. Holding an old grudge leaves you incapable to hold new hope. If you lost this year, and we both did because losing is part of trying, let it go.

If you don’t want to throw up you’re so scared sometimes, you’re not chasing a dream. If you don’t look like a fool to people who don’t understand you, you’re not chasing a dream. If you don’t cry sometimes when everything falls apart, you’re not chasing a dream. If you don’t think you’re wildly unqualified to do what you’re trying to do sometimes, you’re not chasing a dream.

Recently, I had to get new business cards. Other than my name, all of my information on my old cards was no longer valid. There are a thousand different business card designs. I used to have moo cards, which are awesome. I've done traditional cards a few dozen times, mostly for businesses I started that never happened. Before URLs existed, getting a business card used to be the first thing I did with each new idea. I've tried just about anything. I was close to getting a boring card this go round, but Jenny reminded me, "We don't do boring." So instead, we came up with this card:

The last book I wrote hit the New York Times Bestsellers List. That’s fun, but that’s not where I began. No one begins there. This is where I began. It’s a series of prom ads I pitched to a tuxedo rental company I was writing for. (These are the...

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