boss According to a variety of studies, 70-90% of Americans are disengaged at work. Why? There are a number of reasons but one of the most common is a bad relationship with a boss or manager. Bad bosses exist. I’ve had one or two horrible bosses in my day. If you’re in that situation right now, here are three things you need to do:

“I’d rather binge watch Netflix than see a book I wrote on a shelf in a store.” “I’d rather follow the plots of seven different television shows than cut the grand opening ribbon at a store I own.” “I’d rather play Candy Crush than get in shape.” “I’d rather stare at my phone until I get lost in a digital haze than build a relationship with the people I’m actually in the same room with.” No one ever says horrible things like this. No one ever makes such proclamations. At least not with our mouths. Most of us declare things like that with hands though. Most of us proclaim things like that with our calendars. Most of us shout things like that with our phones. Most of us would cringe if we were honest for 30 seconds about the things we donate our time to.

This month, college graduates will have a hard time finding jobs because their parents refuse to move to Florida. It’s not the pythons, alligators, sharks, panthers or bears preventing the exodus to the Sunshine State, it’s the money. Boomers can’t financially afford to retire like they used to. In a 2014 Gallup poll, half of the Boomers said they plan to work past the age of 65. They’re not leaving their jobs, which means they’re not vacating positions for Gen X employees. My generation bumps into them and has a hard time climbing the career ladder, because the top positions are filled already. Millennials then graduate and bump into Gen X employees who have not been able to move beyond entry level and middle management positions. This reality creates a job traffic jam. Maybe you’re a college senior about to enter the workforce. Maybe you’re a parent with a son or daughter who is on the verge of receiving a diploma. Maybe you’re a relative or friend who has been invited to a graduation party and doesn’t know how to help a college graduate. Fear not, though the situation is challenging, it is by no means impossible. There are 5 things every college graduate needs.

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