According to a University of Scranton study, 38% of people say they "absolutely never make New Year's Resolutions." Why is that? Are those 38% completely satisfied with everything in their life? Are they at the perfect job and the perfect weight, enjoying the perfect marriage to...

Last year, I helped 10,000 people work on their goals. The people who were successful at their New Year's Resolutions relied on 3 things: Clarity - They had a focused sense of what they were trying to accomplish. Consistency - They did the grind of stacking small...

If I ate queso as often as I tweeted about it, I would be dead. They’d serve it at my funeral with a fountain in one final nod to the melted cheese dream that put me in the grave, but it would be game over for me. In order to eat queso, I have to work out. Is that the weirdest reason ever to exercise? Surely no one in the history of mankind has told a trainer, “My motivation for hitting the gym is cheese, glorious cheese.” Cheese   Traveling makes exercise difficult so I have to plan ahead. I have to pack my workout clothes. I have to pack my sneakers. I have to pre-select a time in my schedule when I can fit in some time on the hotel fitness center. Calling two old treadmills and seven barbells in a closet does not a “fitness center” make, but hotels are creative with their words. Three weeks ago I planned to run three miles in Houston, Texas. I got everything ready before hand and was laser focused on running three miles. A little voice inside my heads said, “Why don’t you run 4?” But like most times in my life I was quickly able to shut the positive voice up. (The negative voice in my head? I tend to hold open mic nights for that guy and listen and listen and listen.)

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