If you google, "Mom Blogs," there are 438 million results. Standing out in that crowd feels impossible. Standing out in most crowds feels impossible. We've all got an overload of options. Right now it's difficult to get people to sign up for your new platform because of something called "profile exhaustion." People are tired of having to fill out profiles. It's also hard to get people to support your kickstarter. I talked with a crowdfunding expert and he said charities are experiencing "donor fatigue." It's easier than ever to start something, which is great, but it's also bad because the marketplace is crowded. How to you stand out amidst the noise? How do you get momentum for your dream? How do you get the right kind of support? You delight. People like to be delighted. At stores, with businesses, amongst friends, delight still matters. I daresay we're entering the "delight economy." Want an easy example? Here's a photo someone posted on Reddit.

Whenever you brainstorm with people in a corporate setting they always say, "There are no bad ideas." That is stupid. Because there are some bad ideas. There are a lot of bad ideas. Of the two, awesome ideas or bad ideas, the bad far outweigh the awesome. Like this idea I saw on 9gag.

Recently, a couple in front of me at a concert started making out. I know what you're thinking, "Jon, you were probably at an R Kelly concert and everyone was making out." Wrong. I was at Jason Isbell and most people were listening to the music. As I often do, I thought about writing a tweet. (You should follow me on Twitter.) Here is the process I used:

Sometimes people tell me things like, "If you just believe in yourself enough, you can accomplish anything!" While I strongly believe in the importance of positive thinking, that's really only half of the story. Confidence isn't enough. Turns out, that despite the shortcuts we think social media and...

We tend to think authors write books in romantic places. We imagine sweeping vistas and cabins and sunsets worthy of Instagram. Or we imagine bustling city coffee houses, perhaps Paris and a jaunty hat. Both images are wrong. The writers I know and love don't write somewhere sexy. The...

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