This is a conversation from the Acuff kitchen table. Jenny: "Social media is our generation's alchemy." Me: "What do you mean?" Jenny: "People tried to use alchemy to turn lead into gold. It was a shortcut that promised riches but was ultimately empty. Social media is the same...

Recently, a bar in Missouri got a cease and desist letter from Starbucks. Why? Because they were selling a beer called "Frappicino." They had intended to name it "Frappuccino" but admit they brutally misspelled it. At the time they  received the letter, they had sold three beers. Starbucks was concerned that people would perhaps, wander into the bar, believe they were drinking delicious coffee and be hoodwinked. So their lawyers wrote the bar a letter. The bar wrote back. (And sent Starbucks a check for $6, representing the profit on the three beers.) Here is their hilarious response. (The law firm was called "Honigman" which is why the P.S. is so funny. Sorry it's blurry, this one was hard to find. You can read the full story from ABC News right here.)

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