Design 2 I have some friends who are graphic designers & developers. Over the last few years I’ve watched an interesting phenomenon develop. People expect them to work for free. Friends, family members, even some would be clients ask them to donate their time for free. Or they want to pay rock bottom prices because “I just don’t have much budget to work with.” There are four reasons this needs to stop:

I am a night owl. Staying up late is my natural approach to life. About 5 years ago though I realized that if I got up early I could get a lot more done. (Countless studies have shown that willpower is finite and you have less at the end of the day to create. Read Start to see the studies.) How do I get up early? I do these 6 things:

Recently, a client flew me out to California to help him with two speeches. In many ways, they will be the biggest speeches he has ever given. I’m not a speech writer, I’m a speech amplifier, so that’s what I did. I helped him find the opening line, work on seamless transitions and prepare every nuance of those few minutes he had on stage. After working on it for two days he presented the entire speech to me a few times and we critiqued it line by line. One thing I told him that I’d tell you is to avoid a mistake that 90% of speakers make. What is it?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset A few things that I have been working on for 6 years are finally starting to happen. Things I pushed on are picking up speed. Things I didn't even think could ever happen are starting to come together bit by bit. But the truth is, if you told me 6 years ago that it would take me 6 years to do these things I would have told you, "I hate you."

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