(Today is a guest post from Kimanzi Constable! I loved hearing this story and I think you will too.) Are You Committed To Your Dream? There are over 900 million websites, 250 million blogs and 170,000 being added everyday. Some of these websites and blogs won’t make it past the first two months. At first there will be the excitement of something new and the content will flow freely. As time goes by and there isn’t a ton of fame or income the excitement fades. Reality sets in that this is hard work. That point is the make it or break it point where websites die. You go back to visit three months later and the last post was the last time you read it. I remember clearly being at that point. I started a blog on blogger and was blogging away five days a week. When I hit the two-month mark I looked at my stats and saw I was averaging ten people a day. I was frustrated. I poured my heart, sweat, and tears into the blog and no one even knew it was there. I even got my wife to admit that she wasn’t reading it anymore. That was adding insult to injury. I had a decision to make at that point. Was it worth it spending time with this “hobby?” I mean I had a bread business that generated over six-figures a year. Yes it sucked waking up at midnight but this blogging stuff seemed hopeless! I know many reading this can relate. It sucks to work so hard and not have anyone reading or sharing. It’s even worse when you want to be supported by your online endeavors. You too will have a decision to make. Is this just a hobby or do you want to make this something more? If you want to make this something more you can. If you want to create a business online that supports your family you can. To get here you have to decide you’re committed and that no matter how many times you fall you’re going to get back up. In the end persistence wins, hustle wins, thick skin wins. Here are the three commitment moments I faced:

(This is a post from the ever talented, ever awesome Casey Lewis!) Most people choose a bank based on proximity to home and work and the ATM locations in between. Let’s face it, outside of using the camera on your phone to make a checking deposit, there’s...

I have one sponsor of this blog right now, Infusionsoft and one additional voice writing consistently, Casey Lewis. At some point, I might have more but for now, that feels like plenty. Why? Because a sponsor, advertiser or guest post author is not just someone filling space on your blog. They are an extension of what you are doing. A partner. An accomplice in awesome. They're not someone just borrowing pixels in exchange for money, services or content. Knowing that, you can't casually pick people you'll share your blog with, regardless of the size. In order to find blog advertisers, sponsors and guest post authors, here are 3 questions I think you should ask:

A few weeks ago, I was walking to the stage to speak at an event. I saw this on the ground and stopped dead in my tracks. stage It might just look like tape at first, but this it’s actually a lot more than that. This is the decision you have to make every day if you’re going to chase a dream. [Tweet "Every day you face the same decision, take the stage or take the exit. Choose stage. "]

Phone There are a few things I am afraid of. Bears, obviously. Mismatched queso and chip portions where you end up with queso left but no chips. (I just got a little sweaty, even typing that sentence.) But some of my fears are more serious than that, and sometimes that includes writing. How can something I feel called to do, something I love, something that is my passion, have fear associated with it?

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