Tickets 3   I fly a lot during the spring and fall as I travel to speaking events. I often try to talk to the people sitting next to me unless they are enveloped in a cone of silence, AKA headphones. On one flight I was sitting next to a network engineer who helped run the IT department at a large company. As we talked about his job, I asked him if it was stressful. He was in charge of a huge network, the technology was changing constantly and it seemed like he had a lot of demands on him.

Day "You have to tire yourself out each day or you've got too much spare anxiety left over to sleep well." Jenny said this to me over breakfast last week. She’s right. For years, she’s always compared me to one of those dogs that the dog whisperer works with on that TV show. He shows up at the house, finds a boxer that is bored and fixes the situation by giving him a job. He has the dog wear a vest where he carries water bottles for the family on walks. He gets him a better exercise program. He gives him tasks. And the dog stops freaking out when he sees a leaf fall outside the window. Though it’s not a straight comparison, I never eat shoes, it’s pretty close. There are mornings I wake up at 5:15AM not because I’m some sort of amazing hustler, but rather because I am some sort of amazing worrier.

(Today is a guest post from my good friend Jim Woods! He just launched a new book called "HIt the Mark!" co-written with Erik Fisher.) The life of a sidehustler is challenging as you only have so much energy, time, and focus you can give to your work. As you make decisions during the day, your energy bank gets depleted and your body needs rest. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, at some point you will run into issues with focus, energy, and time management. Here are 5 steps you can take to maximize your sidehustle:

Two parts Recently I watched a documentary called “Tiny: A Story About Living Small” on Netflix. It was a fascinating look at people who have downsized their lives to live in small houses that are less than 200 square feet. The main focus on the film was a young man named Christopher Smith who was building his own tiny house in Colorado. He didn’t have a lot of building experience, but over the course of a year he would faithfully work on the home, watching YouTube videos and online tutorials to learn as he went.

In the 3rd grade I wrote a book of poems. By “book” I mean collection of wide ruled, off brown with red and blue stripes papers my teacher Mrs. Harris laminated. I felt like an author in that moment and swore that some day I would be a writer. I then proceeded to take the ole “26 year path to getting another book published” path.

A few weeks ago, in downtown Franklin, TN, I saw someone singing on a street corner. In the middle of the sidewalk, this guy was absolutely killing it. While people walked to dinner, while antique shoppers stepped inside stores, he was giving it his all. It was...

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