Authors write books. Readers make them bestsellers. That’s one of the scary things about writing. You spend a year of your life saying no to other things. Things that might be guaranteed to work. Things that might have been easier. Things that might have made more sense to...

I spent four years in college studying journalism. I then spent 17 years as a full time, professional writer. I’ve written and published five books, but it wasn’t until this last one that I learned 3 important lessons about writing. (I was going to say, “lessons that could change the way I write forever,” but sometimes the over the top dramatic style you have to write blogs with these days is exhausting.) Editing It’s almost embarrassing how obvious these lessons are, but I promise I missed them most of my writing career. Learning them is why my book Do Over is: 1. The hardest book I’ve ever written. 2. The best book I’ve ever written. I’ve said that first sentence about other books I’ve written, but I’ve never said that second sentence before. Why am I starting now? Because I learned 3 ways to become a better writer. Here’s the first lesson, I’ll share the second two in the weeks to come:

Do Over Club For the last 18 months I've been doing meetups around the country. The format is simple. At 7AM or 7PM, depending on the city, I hang out with 60 or so people who have been brave enough to hang out with some dude from the Internet. I then share 20-30 minutes of ideas I've been working on, which is fun, but it's not favorite part. My favorite part is what happens next.

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