There are two ways to experience momentum:

1. Create it.
2. Ride it.

In the first approach, you try to get a cold car cranked in the dead of winter. You start from scratch, banging together two rocks in hope that one will cause a spark. You find the heaviest stone and hurl it in the deepest pond to make the biggest wave.

This way is very difficult. It’s not impossible, by any means, but it takes a lot of time and effort. An example of this approach is when new authors tell me they want to blow up the marketing for their book. I have a number of ideas and eagerly ask when their book is coming out. They usually say, “In two weeks!” or even worse, “It came out last month.”

The worst time to start selling a book (or anything for that matter) is when you need someone to buy the book. The earlier you start the conversation the better because creating momentum takes time.

Why did my first book pre-sale 12,000 copies? Not because I’m handsome, though clearly that’s a factor (people get lost in these mahogany eyes). My book pre-sold because for two years I wrote a free blog in order to build momentum for a book that covered the same exact subject.

Creating momentum is hard.

You know what’s a lot easier? Riding momentum.

Which brings us back to that bar. On a street in Allentown, PA, I took a photo of this sign:


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

You can do all the work of trying to create momentum or you can recognize a tsunami that is already in motion and grab the biggest surfboard you can find.

Let’s breakdown how smart the bar was:

1. They have lures to attract all the characters people are collecting.
2. They offer drink specials for teams.
3. They have a special night for each of the three main teams. (People join teams in the game.)
4. You get a free appetizer if you catch Pikachu, Charizard or Gyrado. (How weird was that sentence?)
5. There are trainers available Sunday – Thursday.

We’re not talking about a game that’s been out for years or even months. This wave is fresh and this bar caught it perfectly.

If you have a hard time recognizing momentum shifts, I’ll give you a hint about a huge one that happens in three weeks.

It’s called September.

That month is often called, “The first New Year.”


Because the nationwide momentum of back to school gives people like you and I a chance to crush our goals.

I can’t understate how big this moment is. Every commercial, department store, and parent is pushing the same direction.

New beginning! New start! New opportunities!

Most people are going to miss it.

Most people don’t treat September like January.

Most people think resolutions are only for January.

Most people won’t kickstart their fall.

Being most people is boring though.

If you’re ready to ride the wave of September, join me for the 30 Days of Hustle video challenge. It’s a step by step course that helps you knock out your goals. And this is the last one of the year. It starts in a few weeks and you can sign up for the wait list right here.

Momentum is simple.

You either create it or you ride it.

If you’re ready to grab a surfboard and catch this wave, sign up today.