How to tell 729,856 people about your thing.

Ever since Finish came out two months ago I’ve heard story after story of amazing things that people have finished with the help of the book.

People have been losing weight, starting businesses, writing books, dropping bad habits, and finishing all sorts of goals.

I’ve shared a couple of these stories on my blog and on social media, but they are so inspiring, I want to tell more of them.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce something new called “The Finish Hall of Fame” where I use MY platform to share about the things YOU are finishing.

If you’ve read Finish and it has helped you finish something, I not only want to know about it, I want my entire platform to know about it.

Here’s how this will work. I want you to post a picture of the thing that you’ve finished next to your copy of my book, Finish, with the hashtag #FinishHOF. In the caption, tell me how the book helped you finish your goal, whatever it was.

As a bonus, if what you finished was something you can share with me, like a book or an album or a t-shirt, you can send me a copy at the PO Box at the end of this email. If it’s something digital, you can email it to me at

Here are those steps again:

STEP 1 – Post a picture of the thing you finished alongside your copy of Finish. Include the hashtag #FinishHOF

STEP 2 – If applicable, send me a copy of what you finished. (Or email it to

Three quick notes:

1. If your thing only exists in a digital format (an eBook, a digital comic, etc.), take a picture of it on your iPad, eReader, phone, or computer screen. Same goes for those of you with Finish in digital or audio format.

2. If what you did falls outside of my moral compass, I’m probably not going to highlight it in the Finish Hall of Fame. Your 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction might be well-written with an incredible final twist, but I’m going to pass on sharing it with my platform.

3. I’ll be sharing Finish Hall of Fame entries starting in January and all through 2018. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I can’t wait to start accepting entries into the Finish Hall of Fame! And of course, if you need a little help making it through the middle and finishing your thing, pick up a copy of Finish today.

Here’s to finishing the things in your life that matter most!


P.S. – Here’s the P.O. Box Address:

Jon Acuff
#178 2020 Fieldstone Pkwy, Suite 900
Franklin, TN 37069

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