Please stop saying you’re too busy.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to look for a new job and then show me your perfectly detailed fantasy football team.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to write your novel and then give me intricate plot details about the six shows you’re watching.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to update your resume and then update your social media accounts incessantly.

We are a busy people. Our clocks are thin and tired, our schedules full and bloated.

But somehow we find a way to give our time to a host of wonderful distractions.

There is a reason the average 21-year-old has played 10,000 hours of video games.

There is a reason the average American watches 35 hours of television a week according to Nielsen.

There is a reason American companies lose an estimated $6.5 billion during the 15-week fantasy football season.

Time is a squirrely thing. It only goes where you tell it to go. It has no mind of its own. It won’t naturally gravitate to things that matter or work you really care about. It always looks for the easy way out.


This summer, I dare you to rescue some time. Not all of it, just a little. I’m talking about 15 minutes. I don’t care how busy you are, you have 15 minutes hidden somewhere in your day.

I dare you to rescue that tiny amount each day and then watch what happens this summer. That first 15 minutes will grow into 30 and then 45 and then 60. By the end of the summer, you will have worked for 1,500 minutes. You will have 25, on purpose, goal-crushing hours under your belt.

I’m rescuing my time this summer because I love Netflix too much. If I open up the app, it’s all over. I can’t just watch one episode of a TV show. My hours will be swallowed up by show after show after show.

So instead, I’m going to DO Summer.

If you’re with me, sign up to get the free PDF I created to track time. Pick one skill you want to give your 15 minutes to and then get going. It’s not impossible to find time, sometimes all it takes is a piece of paper.

Time won’t find you. You have to find it.

Get started right here.

  • Jill Barlow
    Posted at 10:47h, 14 June Reply

    That picture looks like something I would take!! Love it!

  • Jake goodnight
    Posted at 13:03h, 14 June Reply

    Please stop calling my bluff.

  • Pat McDaniel
    Posted at 06:31h, 15 June Reply

    Jon, at first I thought you were being too harsh, but as I read your post I found myself agreeing with your point. Let’s face it, we can easily see where others waste time, but when it comes to ourselves we quickly justify and defend our own dubious time management. Someone once said the 11th commandment should be, “Thou shalt not fake thyself out.” Thanks for challenging us to be honest with ourselves. Yes, we are all busy, but we also make our choices.

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