You are going to make some mistakes.

So will I.

Probably a lot.

Maybe even today.

And once you make a mistake, you really only have two options:
Run or own.

You can run from the mistake and blame others. You can hide emotionally or deflect the whole situation in a completely different direction.

Or, you can own it. You can fall on that grenade and take that hit. You can admit what you did and take steps to not do it again.

The smartest businesses on the planet understand this is true for companies too.

The web scheduling service Buffer just got hacked. Was it their mistake? Maybe not, but their system allowed it to happen.

Did they blame the hackers? Did they run?

Nope. They owned it. They sent out some brilliantly crafted emails. They jumped on it immediately.

Run or own.

Those are your options.

Choose wisely.