March was 9 years long.

The summer was 9 minutes long.

And the fall is already feeling 9 seconds long.

Next year will be here before you know it and if you want to make the most of it, you should grab a 2021 Finish Calendar while they’re still available.

Why do I think you should get one too? I’ve got 21 reasons, thanks for asking!

1. The Finish Calendar is big and beautiful. It’s 36” tall x 25” wide in tall orientation.

2. The Finish Calendar is reversible. If you turn it over to wide orientation, it’s 36” wide x 25” tall. (That’s like two calendars for the price of one.)

3. The Finish Calendar will never share its political opinions on Facebook.

4. The Finish Calendar features no space between months so you can easily plan across months and see the distance/days between any two dates in the year.

5. The Finish Calendar is recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists. (That 5th dentist is always elusive.)

6. The Finish Calendar is also recommended by 4 out of 5 chimney sweeps, 4 out of 5 assistants to the regional manager, and 5 out of 5 falconers. (Falconers are ALL IN on the Finish Calendar.)

7. The Finish Calendar comes in two versions. Traditional Paper and Dry Erase.

8. The Finish Calendar will never judge you for wearing pajama bottoms on a Zoom call.

9. You can put your Finish Calendar up on the wall or you can mount it on foam core (like I do) and use it as a portable planner that you can take room to room.

10. The Finish Calendar will never attack you in your sleep. No other calendar on the market makes that claim.

11. Studies show that planning WHEN and WHERE you work on your goals DOUBLES the chances that you’ll achieve them. The Finish Calendar helps you do that.

12. The Finish Calendar won’t take sides in the Cardi B and Offset divorce.

13. Awesome years happen when you start with awesome plans. There is no better tool to make those awesome plans than with the Finish Calendar.

14. The Finish Calendar will never leak, overheat, glitch, or break.

15. The Finish Calendar has 12 challenging/encouraging statements on it designed to help slingshot you into a great month of dreaming and doing. (For example, “Check this entire calendar. Do you see ‘someday’ anywhere? You won’t find it. Stop saying, “Someday I will” and instead say, “Today I did.”)

16. The Finish Calendar won’t kick you off of Zoom because it’s hogging all the bandwidth. It’s paper, it doesn’t use any bandwidth at all.

17. When you can’t make time for what matters, you need to take time away from something that doesn’t. (Less Netflix = more hustle.) By planning your days and weeks ahead of time, the Finish Calendar helps you do that.

18. The Finish Calendar contains no gluten, GMOs, sugar, or calories. (But it’s visually delicious.)

19. The Finish Calendar costs $74,975 less than a Tesla Model S. (It’s less than $30, to be exact.)

20. The Finish Calendar has thousands of fans who have used it over the years to plan adventures and plot progress on their goals and dreams.

21. The Finish Calendar won’t be available forever. Now is the perfect time to pick one up for you, your friend, your family, or your business.

Over the last ten years, no tool has helped me keep commitments and finish projects like this wall calendar.

It truly has become an integral part of my creative process and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Get yours today: The 2021 Finish Calendar