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There’s so much great blogging advice online. The interwebs are full of great tips, but what if you want to have a horrible blog? What if you want to alienate readers, make more enemies than friends and just have an awful go of it? Fear not friend, I am here for you. 10 horrible blogging tips.

My friend Taylor Gahm recently spoke at TEDX. His talk was brilliant and really convicted me about the pieces of my life I share and the pieces I hide. My favorite part was when he challenged his own hypocrisy, I'd rather be the good looking guy who says...

According to the Miami Police, Justin Bieber got arrested last night for a DUI, drag racing and peacefully resisting arrest. Regardless of what you feel about his music, it's never a happy thing when someone stumbles like this. The truly sad thing is that this kind of situation is more common than you think. I've seen lots of leaders wrestle with what is crushing Bieber. What is the cause of most of his problems? Overwhelming success. In fact, I've seen success ruin more leaders than failure. Why? Because we prepare for failure and are surprised by success. We are not ready for it. We think it will be wonderful, not a challenge. And then we get it and lose everything in the midst of winning everything. What are the the signs you're headed to this dire destination as a leader? Here are four:

How do your blog readers, event attendees, twitter followers and anyone who engages with the ideas you share feel when you don't make an effort to understand who they are and what they care about? Exactly like this: ...

I love getting to watch friends succeed. Case in point, Crystal Paine, better known as the "Money Saving Mom" and her book "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life." When I last checked, it...

Above is the third book I read for the #EmptyShelf Challenge. (Read here to join us on this fun challenge!) Below is the format I plan to do this year for each book I read. Title: Succeed, how we can reach our goals. Author: Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. What’s it about: It's a...

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