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Communities make the world (and ideas) go round.

I’ve written before about how chasing a dream is like being on an an island, and how eventually every island needs bridges, boats, and runways to be as awesome as it can be.

In other words, every dreamer needs the support of a community.

There’s no better example of that than the folks in the Dreamers & Builders and 30 Days of Hustle Facebook Groups. I’m continually blown away by how well they support each other’s dreams. They provide honest feedback on projects, they encourage each other through hard times, and they celebrate each others’ wins selflessly. It’s pretty cool to watch.

Oh, and sometimes they create fun things together! Like this trailer for Do Over. Kayla Erickson dreamed it up and a few of them made it on their own, just because they enjoy being awesome. Check it out:

Why do we need communities?

If you’re chasing a dream on an island with no connections, it’s time to reach out and get some bridges, boats, and runways. Don’t isolate yourself and your dream, open it up to a community and see how much better it can be.

Want to read the book that this awesome community is talking about? Pick up a copy of Do Over at one of these locations:

Barnes & Noble
Google Play
Family Christian


Why we need you to be brave.

Do Over Club

For the last 18 months I’ve been doing meetups around the country. The format is simple. At 7AM or 7PM, depending on the city, I hang out with 60 or so people who have been brave enough to hang out with some dude from the Internet.
I then share 20-30 minutes of ideas I’ve been working on, which is fun, but it’s not favorite part. My favorite part is what happens next.

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The weirdest sounding thing I do on Thursdays. (Or 3 things a Mastermind needs)

The word “mastermind” feels like the name of a super villain.

I immediately envision an evil genius slowly petting a fluffy white cat while plotting to overthrow the government of Luxemburg.

But as I learned last year, a mastermind isn’t a super villain, it’s actually the secret way awesome people get awesome things done.

Last summer, a guy named Kyle Chowning asked me if I wanted to join a mastermind. He also asked Jeremy Cowart, Derek Webb and Carlos Whittaker.

The mission was simple:
Community wins.
Let’s win together.

We’re not meant to chase a dream alone. We’re not meant to build a business alone. We’re not meant to do life alone.

So every Thursday, from 8:00-9:30AM the five of us meet. (Sometimes it’s on the phone since a few of us travel for work.) The first thing we do is spend 2 minutes each talking about our wins from the previous week. We have such a #humblebrag culture that criticizes you for being excited that’s it nice to share something successful without getting ridiculed for it.

I swear, humblebrag is Internet for “I’m jealous of you and want you to feel ashamed.”

Then one person is on the hot seat each week. Whoever is must present a business problem or life challenge he is facing. The the rest of the session is then devoted to helping provide feedback.

And it works. It’s been one of the most valuable things I’ve done in the last year. But why does it work?

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