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Alright, here's the plan: Let's go see "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" this Wednesday night, January 1 at the 7:15PM show. I will be in the lobby at 6:45.  (The theater is at 633 Frazier Drive, Franklin, TN 37064) Haven't seen anything about the movie? Here's...

Sometimes people ask me, "When did you stop being afraid?" The answer is, "I haven't." I'm still scared. Lots. I can say without any degree of exaggeration that for the last six months, I've had the same nightmare. Ask Jenny, she'll tell you it's true. One, consistent,...

Last week, LeBron James made the news when he yelled at teammate Mario Chalmers during the game. He was furious about a play that went poorly and the video of the incident showed how unhappy he was. What was brilliant about this whole incident was what LeBron said later. He uttered three of the most important words great leaders need to know how to say. What were they?

Want the job no one else gets? Do what no one else does. Like Adam. When he was out of work, he sent 250 resumes to different jobs. And he didn't get a single one. So he decided to launch an unusual campaign. Instead of complaining or...

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