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Recently, I spoke to a group of high schoolers. I asked them to raise their hands if they read blogs. Zero hands went up. I felt like I had asked them if they used the yellow pages. I even made a joke about it saying, "I wish I had a sign in my front yard that said 'I know about Google' so they didn't deliver the yellow pages." One girl raised her hand and asked me what the yellow pages are.

People sometimes ask me what my least favorite thing on Twitter is. That's an easy question and one that I have written about before but people keep doing. I can't stand when someone retweets a compliment about themselves. Instead of just telling the person who tweeted...

One of the currencies that drives social media is the currency of favors. Someone retweeting you is a favor. Someone commenting on your blog post is a favor. Someone recommending your book is a favor. There are a thousand ways to do favors for people online. Here's something simple...

Afraid of being rejected? Afraid someone who matters, will tell you that your dream doesn't? Afraid people won't like whatever it is you like to create? Welcome to the club. Here's the rejection letter Bono and U2 got in 1979. The simple truth is that anything great always comes with...

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