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If I ate queso as often as I tweeted about it, I would be dead. They’d serve it at my funeral with a fountain in one final nod to the melted cheese dream that put me in the grave, but it would be game over for me. In order to eat queso, I have to work out. Is that the weirdest reason ever to exercise? Surely no one in the history of mankind has told a trainer, “My motivation for hitting the gym is cheese, glorious cheese.” Cheese   Traveling makes exercise difficult so I have to plan ahead. I have to pack my workout clothes. I have to pack my sneakers. I have to pre-select a time in my schedule when I can fit in some time on the hotel fitness center. Calling two old treadmills and seven barbells in a closet does not a “fitness center” make, but hotels are creative with their words. Three weeks ago I planned to run three miles in Houston, Texas. I got everything ready before hand and was laser focused on running three miles. A little voice inside my heads said, “Why don’t you run 4?” But like most times in my life I was quickly able to shut the positive voice up. (The negative voice in my head? I tend to hold open mic nights for that guy and listen and listen and listen.)

The reason we argue with the critics and ignore the people who like us is simple: We want everyone to like us. We want a 100% approval rating. I’m here to tell you, it’s not coming. Not because you’re dumb. Not because you’re lazy. Not because you just haven’t tried hard...

On Friday I announced the upcoming 30 Days of Hustle Challenge (if you missed it, details are here). I'm opening up early bird registration in a couple of weeks. Before I do, I have two quick questions I would love your help with today. In my...

Last year, people started to bring me queso at book signing events. I actually found a job where people give me melted cheese. Take that, guidance counselor who told me my dreams couldn't come true! If 2014 was the year of queso, then 2015 seems to be the year of the online course. It seems everyone and their grandmother has an online course. It's easy to be wowed by what some of these courses offer. Their sales pages are shiny, their testimonials are compelling, and the promises they make all but assure you a better life is just a few clicks away. The offer of magical "passive income" is a particularly bright carrot that is waved as an enticement. The Internet is littered with get rich quick schemes. There are no shortcuts. Anyone who tells you differently is usually trying to sell you a shortcut. [Tweet "There are no shortcuts. Anyone who tells you differently is usually trying to sell you a shortcut. "] But the 1.7 billion course options you get when you search Google can't all be that great, right? So how do you figure out which one is worth your time, energy, and money? Here's how I do it. I ask these three questions whenever I'm considering an online course.

Halloween 13 years ago, I learned the best idea about parenting before I even had kids. Before I was writing books about enjoying your career like Do Over, I used to work for Bose. They are a company in Massachusetts that makes amazing stereos and headphones. One of the markets we would try to sell to is college graduates. We wanted  the 23-year old who got their first real check to buy one of our stereos but we had a problem.

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