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You’ll never make money doing that.

Whenever you chase a dream, people are quick to point out, “You’ll never make money doing that.”

Or whenever you choose a major in college that people don’t understand.

Or when you quit your job to do something new and unusual.

You’ll hear doubt which I am sure Avicii, a 23-year-old DJ, heard countless times.

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Beware the Lady Gaga problem.

Regardless of if you like her music, it seems like Lady Gaga is pretty honest.

In her most recent song she sings, “I live for the applause.”

Over and over again, she repeats this simple line. You can certainly argue that it’s just a lyric and she doesn’t mean it. Then again, to doubt that Lady Gaga doesn’t like attention is to argue that when she wore that dress made of meat that was about celebrating the unknown comfort of bacon not trying to get people to look at her.

Though several pop stars might live for the applause, at least Lady Gaga admitted it.

And applause is fun. I’ve had hate and applause and I know which one felt better. I like applause and have a good time when the things I do generate more of it.

There’s only one problem though.

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The ugly truth about bravery.

When we think about bravery and courage, we often imagine those moments from movies.

A hero is up against impossible odds. It’s difficult but he leans into the challenge and survives! His girl, who is probably the brunette tomboy he ignored for the hot blonde all too long, will kiss him as the credits play.

Yay, bravery!

Bravery is grimaces and grinding it out and wiping sweat off your brow as you save the day!

Here’s the truth about bravery:

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