Do Over

What the magician wanted me to tell you.

At first, I was going to ask him about our pizza.

We were waiting at a table in a small restaurant in our town. A man in a suit approached and I naturally assumed he was the manager.

Only he wasn’t, he was a magician.

His job was to entertain guests on busy nights when service was a little bit slower.

My kids absolutely loved it.

One night, my friend who is a musician came over for dinner. I told the kids he was coming. When he got there, they stood waiting, staring at him. Finally, one of them pulled me aside and said, “Is he going to do any tricks?” They thought I told them a magician was coming over and were very disappointed.

After a few tricks, the magician finished his show and then said, “I’m here doing magic full time because of the principles you teach in your books!”

We talked for a few minutes and then Tim moved on to another table.

I think Tim would want you to know something about your own life.

He’d want you to know it’s possible.

He’d want you to know your dream matters.

He’d want you to try.

Chasing a dream isn’t for other people. It’s for all people.

I wrote “Do Over” because of people like Tim and maybe, people like you.

It’s helped tens of thousands of readers around the world. I dare you to give it read today.

Who knows just how magical a little bit of hustle can really be?

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff

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  1. Kids always love the magician like when they do tricks its amazing we know that there is fishy things behind magic but what matter is that you enjoy their company. A restaurant when providing late service and covering its track through magician knows how to do marketing.

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  4. A shout out for Tim and Jon!

    “Do Over” is inspiring, and it gets you to look at what matters most to you. Then to use that to drive you to where you are happy doing what matters most to you.

    Is it your time for a “Do Over”?

    You may never be the greatest success in your industry, field, company, or anywhere else, but you will be doing what matters to you. And that is success!

    Thanks Jon!

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  6. Thank you for posting this as encouragement. Im in!

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