Do Over

The winners of the 200 book giveaway

Last week we planned on giving away 100 copies of Do Over but we were so blown away by the number of entries, we decided to double the amount of books we gave away!

It’s really fun to give people who are excited about the book a chance to read it for free, and I can’t thank my publisher, Penguin, enough for helping me pull this off!

If you were one of the 200 winning entries that we chose, you already received an email from us earlier this morning. Congratulations!

If you didn’t receive an email, thanks so much for entering!

The good news is you can still get a copy of the paperback on Amazon for only $10.59! Order a copy for yourself or for someone you love and make 2017 the year of the Do Over!

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff

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  1. Kristi Shields Reply

    I am excited that I am one of the 200 winners to receive your book, and I want to say thank you! It is so nice of you to give away so many copies, and we are excited to receive ours in the mail soon!

  2. Robin T. Reply

    Thank you so much for making me a winner!!! My friend, who will be the recipient of this Do Over gift will be excited, too!! I’m on my second time through the book – it’s just terrific. Thanks again!

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