Do Over

Two people who need you to do the impossible.

Everyone has an impossible goal.

Even if life and parents and teachers and bosses with bad breath beat it out of you, it’s still there.

It might be quiet and dim, but it is not dead.

Why should you do it?

Why should you start that business, write that book, lose that weight?

Why should you do the impossible?

Because of two people.

The first is yourself. Dreams you refuse to chase don’t disappear, they become ghosts that haunt you. In quiet moments at red lights or in the shower, when your phone can’t save you, they return like a phantom. Unfulfilled hope doesn’t dissipate, it disintegrates into bitterness.

Unless, you try the impossible.

Patrick did.

He sent me this email this week:

Working for the NHL is impossible. There are only 30 teams, it’s smaller than the NFL and anyone who loves hockey would love to work there. Jobs are scarce, but that didn’t stop Patrick.

Instead, he did 3 things:

  1. He went to a conference to learn.
  2. He bought my book Do Over.
  3. He worked in sales for a year in the minor leagues.

This wasn’t an overnight story. This wasn’t instant. This wasn’t easy.

You must chase your goals for yourself, but what about the second person who needs you to do it?

The second person is every person you’ll never meet that bumps into your dream.

Patrick for instance. When I sat down to write Do Over, I didn’t know him. When you start your business or change jobs or chase your dream, you won’t know who it’s really for. But they’re out there. They need that thing you’re going to do.

We need you to do the impossible.

Why do I promote Do Over? Because it works. It’s $11 and it helps you do the impossible. I can’t say it any simpler than that.

If you’re ready to do the impossible, buy a copy today.


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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff

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  1. I love this story! What a powerful reminder that what we do matters, not only to us, but to people we may never meet. Good encouragement to keep up the hustle and boldly living out my God-given dream and purpose. #FearNot

  2. Love the message but who is the second person?

  3. Jeremy Reply


    Thank you for using your writing and experience to help others in their journey. After recently reading your old book Quitter, I realized I am not quite ready to make the jump just yet. I’ve been working in same career for 16 years, enjoy it and good at it, but not passionate about it. Making decisions today that hopefully will set me up to make the big jump.

  4. I REALLY needed to read this exact message at this point in my business. Rarely do my clients thank me in writing. I don’t mean to make them sound ungrateful – they do tell me in person. But there’s no way to go back and SEE exactly what they said. Thank you, Jon, for taking the time to write this and remind me that I’m not just working for myself.

    Sincerely, Your Second Person 🙂

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