Do Over

The tweet I want you to send me next year.

I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that people who tell you “a job is just a job” are lying to you. Working for the weekend and living for vacation are terrible ways to go through life. Screw TGIF. (The lifestyle, not the restaurant. I am no enemy of mozzarella sticks.)

The reality is, your job is more than just your job. It’s how you are going to spend 40-60 hours every week for 40-60 years.

Hooray for positive, encouraging openings to blog posts!

But wait, there’s good news.

The good news is you can enjoy your job. You can have fun at work. You can find purpose and passion and change the world.

The secret is simple, “Find something you love so much you’d do it for free and then get so good at it that people pay you a lot to do it.”

That’s all you have to do and if you’ll dare try, you’ll send me a tweet like the one I got last week.

Do you know what I love about that? We’re not seeing the shiny “after” or the final product. We’re seeing the glimmer.

I love the glimmer.

The glimmer is that quiet question you hear late at night that says, “What if?” The glimmer is that fragment of a thought from the third grade you who still believes there’s more to life. The glimmer is possibility and potential.

Do you know why most people are on their phones so much? They’re afraid of the glimmer.

If you can distract yourself with your phone, you don’t have to admit that last year you said next year and nothing actually changed. If you can watch enough TV or make your life loud enough the still voice of hope can’t challenge you.

This is why at red lights we grab for our phones so desperately.

Are you done running?

Are you ready to dream again and dare again and try again?

I am.

The paperback version of my latest New York Times Bestseller Do Over comes out today.

I think it will help you so much I even put together a free 7-part video series for everyone who buys a copy before January 13. (After you buy the paperback, click here to get the video series!)

The only people who should read it are people who will have a job the next 40 years.

If that’s not you, carry on about your day.

But, if you’re ready to admit the glimmer, if you’re ready to make more money at work and have more fun, I’ve got something you need to read.

It’s called Do Over.

And it’s time to start yours today.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the post and for bringing your light into the world of work and personal development. I was reading it and waiting to hear what tweet you wanted me to send to you next year :). Also, since this was posted in December of last year, if I get your book this week can I expect to be tweeting with you on a regular basis by next week?

    -John Huff

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