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The one tool I use everyday.

How have I written 6 books in the last 7 years? (New one comes out this fall!)

Being really tall helps, but more than my amazing height, becoming productive has been a process of learning how to use a few simple tools.

I use Evernote to capture my ideas.

I use a stopwatch app to focus on one thing for 60-120 minutes.

I use a big notepad on a stand to plot out ideas without being chained to my desk.

I use a variety of tools to knock out my day, but the one I use the most is my calendar.

About six years ago I got tired of my years just sort of happening to me. Without a plan, the weeks would just march by one by one without anything really changing. I felt stuck.

During that season, I heard that a young entrepreneur I knew who had started a calendar company. Unlike other calendars, this one was massive. It’s 25″ x 36″ which means I’d have three feet to work out my days. It was beautifully designed. And it was available in both paper and dry erase.

I personally used that calendar for years and years. I recommended it to so many people that eventually it just made sense to partner with my friend and design my own.

We only print 1,000 each year and we’re almost sold out.

Best of all, you can save 20% today. Just enter code “DoOver” at check out.

If you’re ready for a big year, get a big calendar.

Click here to order.

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  1. Liz H. Alexander Reply

    I ordered the Momentum planner for myself at the beginning of the year….and then I promptly got the worst cold/infection/whatever-it-was I’ve had in YEARS! It’s JUST cleared up on Week 3 to where I’m starting to feel like normal.

    What’s worse, I was making PROGRESS with that planner at hand until I got sick! But man, it’s impossible to be creative and awesomesauce when your head is pounding and/or you’re super-high on prescription cough medicine. 😛

    I guess the lesson here is, “Plans are good, but they are always tenuous.”

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