Do Over

I need your help today for a hilarious reason.

A week ago, I announced I was holding a meme contest for the paperback launch of Do Over. (You can buy a copy right here.)

The two winners would receive an awesome stack of books from Penguin.

I thought I’d get a few entries and then ask you to vote on the three best.

That was a dumb expectation.

You sent in hundreds of entries. There are so many amazing Do Over memes that we had to create a quick survey to tally the results.

That’s where you come in.

Will you please take a few minutes and vote on your favorite meme? The survey will be open for 48 hours. (It closes Saturday morning at 10AM Central.)

Here’s the link.

If you made one of these memes, tell your friends to vote for you!

Are you ready for some hilarious memes?

Click here!

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