Good things come to those who finish.

Recently, my youngest daughter told me that I’m not good at finishing things.

I told her, “I finished writing 5 books.” (Including the new one Do Over!)

She said, “Yeah, but it took 5 years.”

Tough crowd at the Acuff house, but there’s a chance my youngest daughter has a high expectation of what it means to finish because of what her older sister just did with a rainbow loom.

Was the rainbow loom a trend where you live?

In Nashville, it was gigantic, with tens of thousands of kids turning tiny colorful rubber bands into bracelets.

One of those kids is named L.E. Acuff.

She’s my 11-year-old and decided one day that she wanted to make more than just a bracelet. Inspired by a full-length dress she saw on the news, she decided to make a skirt.

Let me repeat that, she decided to make a wearable skirt out of rainbow loom rubber bands.

She didn’t have a pattern. She didn’t know how she’d be able to afford all the rubber bands. She didn’t know how long it would take.

But she did know one thing – she was going to finish.

A few weeks ago she did.

It took her six months to make.

It took more than 11,000 rubber bands.

But she did it. Here is a photo of her wearing it and a close up of the detail.

Skirt Photos

When I asked her what she learned through the experience she told me, “Good things come to those who finish.”

I don’t know if Abraham Lincoln said that first or if L.E. did, but I know this, she’s right.

Whatever you are working on right now, it’s going to be hard to finish.

Quitting will be a lot easier. Giving up is simpler. Stopping will feel better at times.


See it through. Complete it. Launch it.

Why? Because as L.E. Acuff once told me “Good things come to those who finish.”

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  1. That is seriously impressive! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Jon.

  2. I love when we can learn/be reminded of life lessons through our kids. Love the work you are doing, God Bless you and your family.

  3. Sue

    Best. Skirt. Ever.

  4. I don’t think I could love this post any better.

    Thanks to you, L.E., and McRae for just the right combination of encouragement and challenge!

  5. I love that your home is one of creativity.

  6. This is brilliant and L.E. is a rainbow loom boss. #OwnedIt #SkirtGame

  7. Quitting is so easy and so tempting. I’m NOT quitting, but I wish the idea would stop whispering to me! And…your daughter is brilliant. And adorable.

  8. Rebekah

    I definitely just gasped out loud. Oh my goodness, L.E, that is AMAZING!!

  9. Thanks you — I needed that today. I’ve lost my momentum on a book project that I truly am very excited about, but it’s in that stage . . . you know? The messy one between write down a thousand thoughts and put the chaos in order? Yeah. So thank you, today. (And in our house, that skirt would be going to the county fair in 4H. My kids are all scarred from mom making them finish projects like that. Scarred in a good way. Awesome way to go, L.E.)

  10. I thought I was doing well when I did four different types of bracelets!!

    That’s amazing!! You’re truly blessed!!

  11. Trevoron Jones

    This is truly inspirational. If she had been a 25 year old woman, she probably would have been talked out of it after spending about a week on it. Dreams seem to be easily shattered when we’re older.

    But she “punched fear in the face” and achieved something incredible. I’m looking forward to buying my kids some “L.E. Wear” in the next few years.

  12. Timely. Timely, timely, timely. Thanks for the encouragement… (says the guy who hasn’t posted on his blog in at least eight months)

  13. Shannon

    That skirt is amazing! It’s going to be fun to see how God can use that talent and dedication 🙂

  14. Jennifer Nixon

    The Acuff family is full of awesome! I love the skirt L.E.! And great parenting done Jon and Jenny

  15. What an amazingly creative capable child. She’s learned from her dad! I made 6 twin size quilts it took me a year but I was teaching, singing in an active choir and still had two children in school. Plus doing a huge house remodel! And on top of that, I wrote daily! Even as a child of 11 I wrote prolifically. These last few years I’m trying to finish one novel! I do have 3 published children’s books(not self-published) but I feel like a failure because writing is too hard these days. I want to FINISH! Thanks for those good words.

  16. Connor

    That’s stinkin awesome. Way to be!

  17. Rochelle

    Awesome skirt! I see an Etsy Shop in her future!

  18. LOVE that! So very cool! Good job, L.E. Acuff! 😀
    I showed my 9-year-old daughter and she said, “Wow! Can she teach me that?!” 😉

  19. L.E. Is the rainbow loom queen! She inspire me. I can’t wait to show the boys tonight. Such a great lesson in finishing!

  20. Brenda

    That reminds me so much of me at her age, although with me it was crocheting. If I wanted to make something, I’d go for it even if I didn’t have a pattern (the internet wasn’t like it is now with patterns all over the place). Major props for the lovely skirt! L.E. is one amazing lady.

  21. Wow! I thought that skirt was knitted just based on the pictures. Really amazing. Seriously inspiring me to stick with learning Portuguese and improving my Spanish.

  22. Absolutely love this. And it was a word for me in deed so a big thank you to the Acuffs (father & daughter). 🙂

  23. Love this story! And yes, good things do come to those that finish. And quite the project…11,000 tiny little rubber bands…just putting that together into a skirt is talent but to get it to look that amazing as a skirt – wow! Amazing work L.E.

  24. I’ve finished all I can finish right now: Graduated, completed my portfolios, jazzed up my resume..

    Now I”m in the “waiting to hear back” phase, which is probably the hardest of the phases. 😛

  25. That is VERY impressive. My daughter makes the bracelets and I know they are a lot of work. I can’t even imagine her making a skirt. WOW! Plus, it looks AMAZING. Really great job. High five from Houston.

  26. KC

    It never ceases to amaze me how kids teach us parents valuable lessons all while we’re trying to train them.

  27. WOOTWOOT – what a beautiful skirt!

    Well, your little one is already an entrepreneur. With her level of commitment and FAITH, she is going places!

    Please pass along my hugs to her, Jon!

  28. Unfortunately starting is the easy part–and talking about starting is easier yet. It is the “messy middle” that is especially hard. We face it in so many areas: in our life, in our work, in our faith. It is hard to run in a matter to attain a prize, but well worth it if we do.

  29. That is a great accomplishment – the idea, the design without a pattern, and the completion! Congratulations, L.E.!

    I’m a knitter, so I have no idea how a rainbow loom works, but I do know what feels decent as fabric, and I love to make up things without patterns. That, and figuring out how to put colors in the right places is totally satisfying, especially when it works out.

    Does rubber feel kind of yucky to wear? I wonder if you could make it again in something more comfortable, like cotton? Sometimes it isn’t fun to repeat a project, but maybe you will want to if you outgrow this skirt. Wait! It’s rubber, so it might fit you forever!

  30. Wendy

    Great job! Way to go!