10 things fear fears.

Sending a book, a project, a business or anything else you care about into the world is a nervous experience.

It’s easier to hide the things you care about in a quiet drawer in your house than it is to share them.

This is why so many people have “someday dreams.” Things they will do “someday.” It is far more comfortable to talk about what you will do someday instead of actually doing something today.

Now, a few weeks away from launching my new book Do Over, I wrestle with all the fears that come with releasing something. It’s available for pre-order and I’ve been blown away by how many people have already purchased it, but still there is fear.

This weekend though, I sat down and wrote a list of the things fear fears. For fear is not brave. There are some very specific thing that make it quake. Should you ever find yourself afraid, remember this list and then go out and find as many of these as you can. (Except for #8 of course.)


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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff


  1. You’ve got this Jon! We’re behind you, but not in a creep up behind you, scary kind of way. I once read something a super successful author wrote, “I’ll laugh and clap out loud at the adventure you went on that you couldn’t possibly predict today. Do you think you can have a Do Over? Apparently, you can.”

  2. Spiders, not snakes? Great list – “Fear is not brave!”

  3. Annette

    As I sit facing Monday with a bit of trepidation and fighting the urge to run back to bed and pull the covers over my head, your list hits home. I’m going to do this. I want to do this. Fear loses today.

    And so do spiders. Because, let’s face it, fear is DEAD ON with that one.

  4. I love #7! So much is packed into that one…

  5. Me. B..

    You used to be funny. Really funny. You made me laugh. You sometimes even made me stop and think.

    But now you only want to sell me stuff, or retweet your -isms.

    That’s not so funny.

    Kind of sad, really.

    Could you try and be funny again? Without the sales pitch?

    I miss that Jon. Other folks probably do too.

    • Joel

      I became a fan of the humor, but I think being transparent and being an example to followers can overcoming their fears by sharing with others (which is ironically #1 on the list) is a great tool. Just excitement for those efforts is natural, but I don’t see how better to communicate the solution. It all depends on whether you are actually wanting to make a change in your life or simply looking for a funny blog to share on your Faeebook page. There is a season for focus (#6) and a time for queso dip! I would say more, but now I’m hungry…

  6. I am sure your book launch will be uber-successful, Jon #HUGSSS And thank you for a creative spin on a popular subject (Fear)

    BEST wishes

  7. I dunno, I’d say fear LIKES spiders, because it thrives when spiders are present, yes?

    I also think fear only fears us when we don’t let it have power over us. Otherwise it also likes us, because we’re an easy target.

  8. Really needed this post today. Thanks Jon.

  9. hannah

    “got no strings” -Pinocchio

  10. cheryl

    I have no fears. I just have little time and money to do all the things I want to do with the rest of my short life…

  11. Great list, Jon. I especially love #4. When I want to curl up in a ball out of fear or am afraid to take a next step, it’s often because I’ve let myself believe lies as truth. We all need people around who are willing to remind us of what is true and help us take that next step. Good luck with the book launch!

  12. This is strong, Jon.

    I’d add ‘faith.’

    Fear and faith can co-own the same real estate in our hearts; like the “I believe, help me with my unbelief” guy (Mark 9:24), who increasingly reminds me of myself.

    But fear quiets the more we focus on the faith.

    fear fears faith

    Prayers and best wishes for ‘Do Over’ to help lots of people. You’re doing good things Jon; thanks.


  13. Dragana Petrushevska

    That’s right! If I have learned anything from taking the internship challenge of HeySuccess ( is that there’s no reason for fear of anything. We should all go out there and take actions! Only that way we will find success.

  14. DT


    I’m trying to punch fear in the face. I’m on the journey to begin learning more about podcast and blogging. I’m taking a class on the subject online. My homework was to respond on someone’s blog and I chose yours.
    I am in the automotive repair field and have been for 20 years. I am looking for a format to help widows, single moms, young adults, or anyone who has felt burned by the automotive industry. I am also looking for ways to help those who are truly professional automotive care experts who feel burned and unappreciated by the industry. My dream is that this blog will help reshape the industry and be somewhat of a ministry to those who fear the industry and help them to take control of automotive car with honest information…all while I keep my day job. Thanks for all you do! You are an encouragement for sure! It’s kind of like what Dave Ramsey does for people with money but I just do it for automotive.