The yes manifesto.

yes 2

The answer is yes.

Yes, chasing a dream will be scary.
Yes, it will be risky.
Yes, there will be fear.
Yes, there will be doubt.
Yes, other people won’t understand it.
Yes, sometimes you won’t either.
Yes, the odds will be stacked against you.
Yes, you will want to quit. A lot.
Yes, you will fail sometimes.
Yes, you will feel like someone more talented has already done exactly what you want to do.
Yes, you will not know exactly where you are going.
Yes, you will feel unqualified.
Yes, there will be awkwardness.
The answer is yes for all of these things.
But yes is also the answer to all these questions too:
Does the world need your dream? Yes.
Do you need to chase it? Yes.
Is today a better day to begin than tomorrow? Yes.
Does working on a dream a little always beat not working on it at all? Yes.
Are you capable of more than you think? Yes.
If you don’t try will you regret it? Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
If you’re going to chase a dream, get ready to say that little word a big amount of times.
Because for those who dare to be more than ordinary, the answer is yes.

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff


  1. Yes to this! I’m daring to be more than ordinary! Thanks for all your help along the way Jon. It’s nice to follow someone who leads by example.

  2. The timing of this is not something I can overlook. I needed to read this today and I needed to remember that the road to extraordinary brings obstacles like fear and doubt and risk, and that’s okay. Thank you for all you do to encourage other dreamers on their journeys to build their dreams and change the world.

  3. That’s been a pretty big adjustment for me, but I can’t think of a time where I regretted saying yes. Even when something didn’t go as planned, I learned and grew. It’s almost as hard to say yes as it is to say no…. might say something about me… maybe I need to speak with someone about that… But I’m on a good “yes roll.”

  4. “Yes, you will feel unqualified.”

    Indeed. Even 3.5 years into running my business I feel unqualified, MANY times. There are days I feel completely inadequate to be doing what I am, yet somehow I still keep moving forward and the business keeps growing. I seriously doubt we would have great companies like Apple and Google if the founders quit the first time they felt unqualified.

  5. I’m am most definitely keeping this and making it visible! I need to see my “Yes!”

  6. Thanks, Jon. Simple but so rich. Yes!

  7. brian

    Agree totally. But the pop up ad read “Overwhelmed? learn how to stop saying ‘Yes'”

  8. There seems to be a fear with taking that first step into creating your dream. This is the biggest hurdle for most to get over. The fear of not being accepted for what they believe in. However, somebody out there is going to rise up with you and believe in what you’re doing. Seth Godin once said “Say what you believe and see who follows.” Getting over that initial hurdle of really putting yourself out there is the hardest part. But, when you start to see people believing in your dream it’s the greatest feeling in the world. YES!!!

  9. I’ll be printing this to had out to our Visioneers at the Dream BIG retreat in September. As always, you nailed it.

  10. Yes! I say YES to my dream. Jon, thanks for continually encouraging me as I move forward.

  11. I hate the word Can’t and I’ve written about how it plagues our culture; The Culture of Can’t. Rather than using that awful contraction, I try to turn it into an inspiring question, Can I?

    My three kids’ lives are ruled by the words, Can I? They continually teach me to push boundaries and break down walls of Can’t and No.

    Thanks Jon.

  12. Kevin

    You should sell this as a print. Good stuff.

  13. Once you learn how to say yes to those things and take action, some cool things happen!

  14. YES. 🙂 (just practicing)

  15. Yes. Yes. Yes! I love everything you said yes to here, Jon. Yes to the journey! Because saying no isn’t really living.

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  17. I like reading this post and substituting “yes” for mmmhmmm.

  18. Last summer I was walking my dogs in the park, listening to your words of wisdom in my audiobook version of “Start :Punch Fear in the Face”. I remember exactly where I was in the park when I heard you say that we, as dreamers, need to keep trying and doing and writing because someone may NEED our words.

    Today, I Needed Your Words.

    Thank you so much for continuing to influence all of us in positive and meaningful ways. Your words are purely inspirational. YES!

  19. “Is working a little toward your dream better than not working at all?… Yes.” // Love that point! It all goes back to just starting!!

  20. LOVE this!! It can be tough to say yes to the unknown, but whenever I have said yes and taken a risk it has NEVER slapped me in the face — it has always been a success, even when it wasn’t. You learn from mistakes and that makes everything we do a success 🙂

  21. nirvana

    very insightful. love it!

  22. Acknowledging the negatives is so critical. We tend to think that successful authors never suffered from the list of doubts. Being reminded that we are all in that same boat releases the stress and frees the mind to say “Yes, why not me? I can do this.” Thanks for the reminder.